Better Air, Better Productivity

A multi-country observational study in 2021 concluded that higher indoor PM2.5 levels and higher CO2 levels in the office building were significantly associated with decreased cognitive performance in both the Stroop and simple mathematical tests.

Health benefits from reduced PM2.5 and CO2 indoors include reduced cardiovascular disease, asthma attacks, premature mortality, less infectious disease transmission, fewer sick-building symptoms, and reduced absenteeism. In total, this can increase general well-being, increasing productivity.

– Jose Guillermo Cedeño Laurent et al 2021 Environ. Res. Lett. 16 094047

Monitor Indoor Air Quality

90% of our time is spent indoors leading to prolonged exposure towards indoor air. Exposure towards unhealthy air can pose health risk especially in young children, elderly and pets. Indoor Air can contain heavy particles, dust and other harmful pollutants invisible to the naked eye. By effectively monitoring indoor air quality, a better understanding and awareness towards cleaner, healthier air can be fostered. Thus, long term exposures to poor air quality can be mitigated early. With Smart IoT, PULSY provides the Smart Sensors and Solutions to aid in achieving healthier shared spaces and family Indoor air quality awareness.



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