Automated Tracking

Automated tracking allows our transport and delivery order management system to provide real-time visibility into the status of deliveries. The system automatically tracks truck locations, pick-up times, and delivery status, enabling administrators to monitor and optimize delivery routes in real-time. Additionally, our system can track driver behaviors such as speed, idle time, and fuel consumption, providing insights into driver performance and helping businesses identify areas for improvement.


Paperless Approach

Our transport and delivery order management system eliminates the need for manual paperwork, streamlining operations and reducing the risk of errors. By going paperless, businesses can reduce costs associated with printing, storage, and data entry, while improving the accuracy and speed of information exchange. Our system allows for real-time tracking and updating of delivery information, providing visibility and transparency to all stakeholders involved. With our paperless approach, businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts, reduce their environmental impact, and improve their overall efficiency



Billing and Invoicing

Helps speed up billing and invoicing processes creating a more efficient overall solution.

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost through automating driver management processes and real-time delivery progress updates.

Increase Data Visibility

PULSYtmas leverages the power of AI to automate the process from P.O. to D.O. allowing full  data visibility

Resolve Delivery Challenges

IoT pairing solutions to monitor driver and lorry movement for better visibility on delivery statuses, driver and real-time lorry conditions.

Fraud and Pilferage Mitigation

Reduce fraud and pilferage via real-time driver, lorry, load data analytics and reporting

Wide Accessibility

PULSYtmas is built on lightweight frameworks that allows it to work fast and responsive on a wide range of platforms.


Smart Tracking

Smart IoT pairing between driver and truck using Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Sensors for better visibility of truck & driver statuses at all times.

Load Planning

Plan load ahead of time using mobile application to reduce and mitigate delivery backlogs. Load space planning with different truck/trailer sizes.

Shipment Rate Management

Shipment rate changes depending on route, hence our system includes shipment rate management based on routes and automates billing/invoicing processes to reduce man-power and cost.

Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage service protected by high encrypted protocols. With cloud storage, documents can be accessed easily without expensive on-site servers.

Cloud Dashboard

Cloud dashboard system for admins to monitor data and perform analytics like route analysis. Admins can visualize delivery statuses and billing information.

Driver Notification

Using the Smart IoT pairing and Cloud Dashboard, Admins can deliver notifications to drivers anytime and anywhere to provide the necessary alert during delivery.