Indoor Location Analytics

PULSYloci provides solutions like indoor location tracking for various use-cases from retail to workspaces. With data collected, advanced analytics can be done to track movement in indoor spaces and provide the best user experience to clients through actionable insights like room availability and workspace predictions.


Smart Integrations

Our system is built on top of a highly sophisticated framework that allows integrations with other solutions. These integrations helps businesses implement PULSYloci easily with their current systems and works seamlessly together. Not only that, we prioritize security hence all data is highly encrypted and protected to ensure clients data is always secured from breaches. Integrations are made to be lightweight and responsive to increase user-experience and reduce load times.



Efficient in Energy Usage and Affordable

The low energy consumption and cost-effective nature of BLE make it an excellent choice for implementing BLE sensors, beacons, and tags for assets or personnel.

Simple to Implement

BLE provides straightforward deployment options and versatile hardware choices that can be connected to or operate independently from your network, seamlessly integrating into your Bluetooth system.

Adaptable Technology

Expand the capabilities of this technology to support various location-based applications, including asset tracking, detecting Bluetooth devices, indoor positioning and navigation, proximity services, and more.


Asset Tracking

BLE is a significant radio frequency standard used for effectively tracking physical assets. Various industries can take advantage of Bluetooth’s low power consumption, flexibility, and easy implementation to monitor the real-time location and status of important assets and equipment.

Business Intelligence

By harnessing BLE technology, valuable location data can be collected and transformed into meaningful insights for organizations.

Location Services

Integrating BLE indoor positioning allows organizations to create intelligent buildings that utilize location information to facilitate various interactions, messaging, and other capabilities.

Employee and Personnel Tracking

PULSYloci solutions support multiple platforms like android, IOS, Mobile, Web View as well as TV Views.