Kapit to PULSY

His journey from Kapit to Cyberjaya allowed him to dive into cutting-edge technologies, work on real-world projects, and professional growth.


  • Luqman, a 22-year-old software engineering student, chose PULSY Technology for a 6-month internship.
  • He left Kapit for Cyberjaya, initially facing challenges but driven by his passion for technology.
  • The internship at PULSY has been transformative, offering hands-on experience and personal growth.

Making life-altering decisions doesn’t often come with the privilege of having a say, but in my case, I had that rare opportunity. I am Luqman, a 22-year-old software engineering student at the University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). After three years of study, the time had come for my 6-month internship, and out of the various options available, I chose PULSY Technology, a Smart Workspace IoT Solution provider company with a core belief system that resonated deeply with me.

Leaving behind the comforts of Kapit, I arrived in Cyberjaya with excitement and a touch of concern. The initial weeks were challenging as I tried to find my footing in this new environment. However, the prospect of working with cutting-edge technologies and being part of a dynamic tech ecosystem fuelled my curiosity and passion for learning. UNIMAS had prepared me well, providing a solid technical foundation and nurturing my enthusiasm for this 6-month journey.

Initially, I felt welcomed into PULSY’s supportive and nurturing environment. Joining the software team, I met my enthusiastic boss, who inspired me with his passion for spearheading impactful solutions. With the guidance of my supervisors, I embarked on the journey of learning Ionic React and Amazon Web Services (#AWS), essential platforms for front-end and back-end development.

At PULSY, my internship was beyond observation and menial tasks. I was involved in real-world projects, contributing to the company’s goals. One such project was “A Tracker” – actual name yet be shared in near future, a Bluetooth tracker similar to Tile and AirTag. From market research and documentation to designing user interfaces and creating web pages, I gained invaluable hands-on experience. The collaborative work environment encouraged creativity and teamwork, empowering me to contribute meaningfully.

As I write this, my internship still has two weeks left to go, but I can already feel its transformative impact on my life. The journey from Kapit to PULSY will forever be a significant chapter in my personal and professional growth. Over the past six months, this internship has been a profound learning experience, shaping me in more ways than I could have imagined. Thank you, PULSYON.

Written by:

Luqman Hakeem

Former Software Intern at PULSY Technology

Categories: Community, SoftwarePublished On: October 10th, 2023

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